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About Skivvy

Let us make you happy. 

Born in the back bedroom of my home is a small company that was driven by the passion of fashion, the love of shopping, the desire to make people happy. No high overhead costs allow prices that are low and quality that is high. Our goal is to shop USA made clothing. 90% of all clothing will be manufactured in the U.S. Pieces are returnable and usually exchangeable. Shipping is FREE, Returns are allowed. And you don't need to wait a month for a Box. The creme de la creme of Fashion Box Subscriptions....and guess what, you can order ONE time, or set up a subscription. You choose. We Strive to succeed by asking the right questions , reading your comments and choosing your items with care. No Algorithms here. 
We will look at your Pinterest and if you are a purchaser of many box subscriptions, we will pick items that compliment the items you are requesting from the other box companies. 
If we can't all work together, Then how can we all help you. And at Skivvy, we strive for a WIN WIN relationship.
Try us, you'll like us.